Com­pa­ny contact:
Tee­pal­ve­lu Suvanne
Suden­ka­tu 3 B 11, 33520 Tampere
tertti.suvanne(put @ here)
Fin­nish com­pa­ny id(Y-tunnus): 2758817–4


We orga­nize tea events regu­lar­ly in Hel­sin­ki. Check out more infor­ma­tion from our face­book page here

We can hold tea events at your home, company’s team buil­ding, birth­day par­ty or whe­re­ver. Also one-on-one the­ra­peu­tic tea ses­sions are possible.


Tertti (Martti Tenhola)

Tea cere­mo­ny lea­der, run­ning the com­pa­ny, web­si­te, webs­hop, tea & teawa­re import and sel­ling, event organizing.

Tert­ti is a young pio­neer dri­ving to deve­lop tea cul­tu­re furt­her in Fin­land. Foun­der of Suvan­ne and other tea pro­jects he has years of expe­rience hol­ding tea events ran­ging from the jungles of Laos to children’s events in Hel­sin­ki. He is devo­ted to teach tea as a way of life to batt­le the stress in the­se hec­tic times.




Ville Sorsa

Tea cere­mo­ny lea­der, event organizing(especially 1-on-1)

Fol­lowing the path of tea has brought so many good things to my life: friends, insights, love for natu­re, and a desi­re to heal the world. For me, ser­ving tea is a way of sha­ring my medi­ta­ti­ve mind and brin­ging more sen­se of con­nec­tion to our lives”



Bea (Beatrice Monastero)

Tea cere­mo­ny lea­der, event organizing(especially live sound), grap­hic design

Bea has always found excuses to relax and con­templa­te the beau­ty around her. Tea showed her a way to sha­re Beau­ty and Con­nec­tion wit­hout the need for words or dif­ficult practices.