Brewing or infusing tea

This page is for the basics of the basics of the basics of tea brewing focusing on simplicity and practicality. For deeper knowledge I suggest going through some of the old issues of GTH available on their webpage or visiting their youtube channel.

The brewing methods and the relationship to tea as a tool for wholesome health were introduced to us by Global Tea Hut and the people in GTH community. But none of us has been initiated to the GTH tradition. We as Suvanne have a common attitude towards tea and sharing it but our personal tea paths are different from each other.

Leaves in a bowl

This is the simplest and cheapest (teaware costs) way to drink tea. So it’s a perfect way to start learning about tea brewing. Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced.

We like it a lot because I can concentrate only on the tea drinking and don’t have to worry about brewing technicalities(steeping time etc.). So you can just concentrate on tasting, smelling and feeling the tea and don’t have to worry about brewing technicalities. Some teas work better than others this way. We highly encourage you to try it out!

Most suitable teas for this brewing method are: Green tea, Black tea, Younger loose sheng pu’er

You can also try this method for: Oolongs, White tea


Warm the cup/bowl
Put tea leaves to the cup/bowl
Pour hot water to the cup/bowl
Refill and repeat…

Bowl tea by global tea hut

Boiled tea

This brewing method is best for shou or aged pu’er but basically you can boil any kind of tea. It works well for leaves that you have already steeped previously gong-fu or in a bowl previously. Like this you can still get a lot of strong tea out of the leaves. Remember to put less leaves than to a normal teapot. Boiling tea is a good way to brew tea casually or outdoors.

Most suitable teas for this brewing method are: Shou pu’er, Aged sheng pu’er, Dark tea

You can also try this method for: Any kind of already steeped teas


1) (optional) Rinse the tea leaves with hot water
2) Boil the tea leaves on low heat until wanted strength is achieved
3) Pour to the bowls/cups and enjoy
4) Refill the kettle/pot. Adding hot water is better than adding cold
5) Repeat…

Boiled tea by global tea hut

Brewing in a teapot / Gongfu

This is the hardest one to give instructions since there are so many variables and everybody has different teaware and preferences.

Gongfu tea brewing is such a complex artform so it really can’t be taught through this simple website. We are always happy to teach about gongfu person to person.

I think the most important tea brewing parameters are the water temperature, leaf amount to pot volume ratio and steeping time. I recommend making experiments with at least these three. Also the tea, pot volume, teaware, rinsing the leaves etc… all affect the brew. As a reference I like to brew my shou pu’er in a way that the color gets dark as coffee and mouthfeel becomes thick.

Most suitable teas for this brewing method are: Oolong, Pu’er, Dark tea

You can also try this method for: Any kind of tea